Meet The Team


Jason Lin

Senior Distribution Manager

Senior Distribution / Business Development Manager in

(Singapore & Malaysia)
Having 15 years of experience in the automotive trade, Jason has established a wide connection of partners in Singapore and Malaysia. He specializes in demand planning and regional business development. Building close relationships with his dealers helped him grow and support many businesses. There is never a problem he cannot solve for you! 


William Yong

Senior Sales Manager

Having a decade of experience in the automotive trade, William is the go to guy if you need any advise should you face any issues with your car, including maintenance and upgrades! He currently manages all of the salesmen and workshop mechanics, and specializes in tuning high performance cars as well. Rest assured that he will get the job done for you!


Lester Tan

Sales Manager

Having 4 of experience in the automotive trade, Lester has transformed his love for cars into his personal career, talking and treating his customers like close buddies who share similar interests as car enthusiasts. As such, this has molded his specialty in helping people with customized solutions to meet their car needs and goals. Talking to Lester about your car definitely helps you to discover ways on how you can make your ride more enjoyable!


Keith Hong

Sales & Technical Advisor / Marketing

An avid car lover with a strong continental background, Keith has quickly picked up on recommendations for any car make and model for his customers. Besides that, he specializes in marketing, having the cleanest touch when it comes to social media and publicity to share information online. Loving what you see on our Website, Facebook and Instagram feeds? Be sure to let Keith know what you think so that we can provide you with the best digital experience as well!


Alton Goh

Sales & Technical Advisor

A dedicated and fast learner, Alton has easily blended into the automotive scene, advising customers on their jobs that need to be done and providing recommendations to better improve his customer's ride. He specializes in the preparation of the jobs that have been entrusted to him, and ensures the efficient workflow from the time you put your car at Garage R to the time you collect your car, giving you a peace of mind from start to end. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed! In Alton you trust!



Senior Automotive Specialist 

Years of experience: 12
Specialty: BMW, Continental Car


Vincent Chai

Senior Automotive Specialist

Years of experience: 20


- Diagnostics and troubleshooting

- HKS Suspension overhaul specialist



Automotive Technician

Years of experience: 7
Specialty: Programming



Automotive Specialist

Years of experience: 8
Specialty: Electrical & Wiring works


Shane Aka DIDI

Automotive Technician

Years of experience: 8
Specialty: All Rounder



Automotive Technician

Years of experience: 10


JEEP & Korean Made Vehicles



Automotive Specialist

Years of experience: 25


Engine Rebuilding & Overhauling



Automotive Specialist

Years of experience: 30


Transmission rebuilding and overhaul



Automotive Technician

Years of experience: 5
Specialty: All Rounder