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About Us

Garage R was founded in 1994 and has transformed into one of Singapore’s most renowned car workshops. In the early 2000s, Garage R boomed into fame with many sanctioned races that we participated locally and abroad and have carved our name as car performance specialists on an international scale. We were the go-to for engine building and tuning, especially so for Japanese Performance Cars with the backing of the all famous HKS Japan, our principal. 

Garage R has evolved into a one stop automotive provider for overseas and local customers. We cater to all car makes and models as we provide a diverse range of automotive solutions ranging from car servicing and maintenance, aftermarket performance upgrades, diagnostics and troubleshooting, and parts distribution. We pride on our quality and technical experience acquired over the last few decades and till today, we are consistently upgrading ourselves as well to provide the best service to our beloved customers and partners. 

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