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With the increase demand on high quality raw material and shortage on logistics, there will be a price revision for HKS Exhaust Systems. Be assured that HKS exhaust's are certified and compliant with the LTA. Now might be a good time to order yours before the price hike!

Come on down and inquire with us for your vehicle compatibility today.

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Celebrate SSR's 50th Anniversary with our ongoing promotion exclusive to any SSR wheel model purchased from Garage R. From now till the end of April, order any one set of SSR wheels to receive the second set at 50% OFF! Not forgetting the exciting announcement of the brand new GTX04, the unrivaled lightweight model; the latest addition to the SSR GTX series which adds to your car's aesthetic appeal and driving performance.

What are you waiting for? Grab a buddy and contact us today to enjoy massive savings on your new SSR wheel purchase today! Feel free to drop us a PM and our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Back in May 2020, the new SP standard was formed with stricter performance testing. It will be expected to have more and more newer cars and engines having this new requirement and moving forwards, the HKS research and development team have developed new oils to suit updated specifications and bring out the maximum engine performance. The all new API/SP 0W20 is 100% synthetic and promises improved heat resistance, better cleaning and fuel efficiency and protection against Low Speed Pre Ignition (a common issue caused in direct fuel injection vehicles). In addition, this includes timing chain wear and elongation protection. HKS has gone further to do testing with this new development as compared to other OEM designated engine oil specifications and we are proud to announce that it is proven and tested that the rate of engine oil deterioration is much smaller and the oil film strength is much higher comparatively. This means that you can expect initial performance to be longer and protect your engine even under conditions when afterload continues over a long time. The new HKS Super Oil Premium API/SP 0W20 has quickly risen to be a favorite option among other brands and will be coming very soon to Singapore shores where you can purchase them directly at Garage R or at any of the workshops from our HKS Super Oil Dealer Network. We are very excited to share this piece of news to you. Do drop us a PM to find out more about the available servicing packages and promotions and our friendly service team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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