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Smashing records at Sepang F1 International Circuit used to be a thing of a past when Garage R Motorsports team actively participated in races, including endurance and time attack events. WE WERE WRONG! A fellow friend and HKS Performance Dealer of Garage R, ATS Automobiles (Sunway, Malaysia) have fired all cylinders with their Nissan GTR R35 (dubbed the “Fastest Streetcar”), clocking in a hot lap timing of “2:14.205s” less than a week ago at Sepang set by Firhat Mokhzani.

WHAT A LAP! Having driven to the track and back home again on the same tyres, this GTR is no time attack track special but a true road car with its full interior and aircon intact. This gives us great honour to celebrate ATS’ victory with their R35, and as motorsports enthusiasts ourselves, we are beyond elated to share this news with everyone! Records are meant to be broken, and ATS Automobiles absolutely smashed it. However, building such a car was no easy feat, with intensive testing and development to be performed. Upgrades included several aftermarket modifications, consisting of a few to name below:

1. HKS GT900 turbo kit

2. HKS Pistons/Rods/Camshaft (3.8L)

3. HKS Hipermax SP

4. Dodson Sportsman Clutch

5. Albin Gears

6. Cobb Tuning

7. Brembo Monoblock Calipers with Dixcel Rotors

8. Modified Kansai Wing

Parts wise, these are extremely recognized brands that offer high quality and performance, especially for a competitive setup. Being a workshop themselves, ATS Automobiles have decades of experience maintaining and modifying high performance vehicles and if you were to visit them at Sunway, you would be stunned to see rows of fancy looking GTRs lined up at their front porch. Their expertise of these so-called Godzillas have earned them the ranks of a true blue GTR R35 specialist. Couple that with this ground-breaking timing set by the team at ATS Automobiles, you can be rest assured that your Nissan GTR R35 will be more than well taken care of by them!

We will be looking forward to more great feats like these to be accomplished by the ATS Automobiles team! Way to go!

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Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Purchase your car with confidence!

Don’t be an unsuspecting victim of a used car sale! Although we have helped thousands of used car buyers in Singapore buy a pre-owned car with confidence at Garage R, we have also saved a handful of potential buyers from purchasing a ticking time bomb after uncovering hidden defects during the evaluation service.

Our car evaluation team of experts will provide prospective car buyers an independent and factual assessment on the exterior and interior condition of pre-owned cars, including under the hood and vehicle. The assessment will help car buyers to get a sense of the actual condition of the pre-owned car and help them make the final decision on buying.

This involves a comprehensive process (roughly 1.5 to 2 hours) involving a series of static vehicle checks and road test, offering our customers the confidence and assurance they need on their final purchase.

What's included in our pre-purchase inspection service?

Our comprehensive pre-purchase evaluation is carried out by professional technicians and includes the following:

Computerized Diagnostics & Trouble Shooting

Comprehensive fault-detection using factory-grade diagnostics equipment to detect intermittent faults that may not yet manifest as visible symptoms. This also includes identifying if the car’s odometer has been tampered with and the list of erase faults.

Wear Assessment

Detailed vehicle condition assessment by our technical inspection team to detect potential failures and advise on repairs that may be required soon. Although this is mostly common wear and tear, it can be used as a negotiating factor with the seller!

Road Worthiness Test

On-road roadworthiness test by experienced assessors to determine drivability when the car is moving and assess on-road behavior. We will assess and highlight noise and vibrations if any, and smoothness and response of the vehicle.

Accident Damage Assessment

Accident damage assessment focuses on detecting signs of major accident damage to the chassis and undercarriage. These are mostly unrepairable and should be considered the biggest factor when choosing to go ahead with the purchase.

Trusted by discerning Singapore car owners

We have two decades of experience dealing with Pre-Purchase Inspection and the personal advice that we give post assessment is founded on the principles of honesty, professionalism and sincerity. Despite there being other evaluation services in the market, you cannot buy experience and that personal touch that we offer to all our customers. We understand that everyone appreciates good service, and we do our best to report the full findings and discuss issues that concern the car buyer the most as well.

If you are looking to buy a used car soon, we cannot emphasize this enough, but a Pre-Purchase Inspection is a must to have to ensure that you purchase your car with confidence. After all, buying a car is a start of your ownership journey and we will be more than happy at Garage R to help you ensure that it is as smooth sailing as it should be!

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It’s always exciting to sell high quality products. The reason is simple: the product sells itself and customers are guaranteed a peace of mind. RS-R suspensions are a very good example, having a wide range of applications to Japanese, European and even American makes. RS-R are Japanese Manufacturers, which promises a long lasting and huge improvement in your ride quality.

RS-R suspensions are set to impress, as it vastly enhances the ride quality. This includes feeling super solid over road imperfections and bumpier roads, better composure and planted in turns and finally, overall improvement in handling feels. Of course, any aftermarket suspension is supposed to make your ride feel more balanced, predictable and offer better feedback. However, the difference in strength and durability of the material of the RS-R suspensions have made it very superior in its class. For example, they have succeeded to create such a premium and durable material under high stress against corrosion and delayed fracture without sacrificing the performance that the material originally has.

We have always taken pride on quality products and workmanship at Garage R, which is why the brands of products that we carry are endorsed with our experience and knowledge to be installed on our customers cars. To find a suitable suspension set for your car, we must first understand what of driving setup you would like to achieve as well before recommending the high-level information such as accuracy specifications. For the RS-R suspensions, you can even enjoy your desired low look while still enjoying good ride quality.

With more European vehicles coming to us for upgrades and even the Tesla Model 3, we strongly recommend the RS-R suspensions for unparalleled Japanese-quality and durable performance to you! Order your brand-new RS-R suspension set at Garage R and feel a whole new difference in your ride quality and looks today!

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