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Fastest GTR in sepang recorded "2:14.205s"

Smashing records at Sepang F1 International Circuit used to be a thing of a past when Garage R Motorsports team actively participated in races, including endurance and time attack events. WE WERE WRONG! A fellow friend and HKS Performance Dealer of Garage R, ATS Automobiles (Sunway, Malaysia) have fired all cylinders with their Nissan GTR R35 (dubbed the “Fastest Streetcar”), clocking in a hot lap timing of “2:14.205s” less than a week ago at Sepang set by Firhat Mokhzani.

WHAT A LAP! Having driven to the track and back home again on the same tyres, this GTR is no time attack track special but a true road car with its full interior and aircon intact. This gives us great honour to celebrate ATS’ victory with their R35, and as motorsports enthusiasts ourselves, we are beyond elated to share this news with everyone! Records are meant to be broken, and ATS Automobiles absolutely smashed it. However, building such a car was no easy feat, with intensive testing and development to be performed. Upgrades included several aftermarket modifications, consisting of a few to name below:

1. HKS GT900 turbo kit

2. HKS Pistons/Rods/Camshaft (3.8L)

3. HKS Hipermax SP

4. Dodson Sportsman Clutch

5. Albin Gears

6. Cobb Tuning

7. Brembo Monoblock Calipers with Dixcel Rotors

8. Modified Kansai Wing

Parts wise, these are extremely recognized brands that offer high quality and performance, especially for a competitive setup. Being a workshop themselves, ATS Automobiles have decades of experience maintaining and modifying high performance vehicles and if you were to visit them at Sunway, you would be stunned to see rows of fancy looking GTRs lined up at their front porch. Their expertise of these so-called Godzillas have earned them the ranks of a true blue GTR R35 specialist. Couple that with this ground-breaking timing set by the team at ATS Automobiles, you can be rest assured that your Nissan GTR R35 will be more than well taken care of by them!

We will be looking forward to more great feats like these to be accomplished by the ATS Automobiles team! Way to go!

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Maddy Joun
Maddy Joun
14 set 2022

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