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RS-R Coilovers for Tesla model 3 & More.

It’s always exciting to sell high quality products. The reason is simple: the product sells itself and customers are guaranteed a peace of mind. RS-R suspensions are a very good example, having a wide range of applications to Japanese, European and even American makes. RS-R are Japanese Manufacturers, which promises a long lasting and huge improvement in your ride quality.

RS-R suspensions are set to impress, as it vastly enhances the ride quality. This includes feeling super solid over road imperfections and bumpier roads, better composure and planted in turns and finally, overall improvement in handling feels. Of course, any aftermarket suspension is supposed to make your ride feel more balanced, predictable and offer better feedback. However, the difference in strength and durability of the material of the RS-R suspensions have made it very superior in its class. For example, they have succeeded to create such a premium and durable material under high stress against corrosion and delayed fracture without sacrificing the performance that the material originally has.

We have always taken pride on quality products and workmanship at Garage R, which is why the brands of products that we carry are endorsed with our experience and knowledge to be installed on our customers cars. To find a suitable suspension set for your car, we must first understand what of driving setup you would like to achieve as well before recommending the high-level information such as accuracy specifications. For the RS-R suspensions, you can even enjoy your desired low look while still enjoying good ride quality.

With more European vehicles coming to us for upgrades and even the Tesla Model 3, we strongly recommend the RS-R suspensions for unparalleled Japanese-quality and durable performance to you! Order your brand-new RS-R suspension set at Garage R and feel a whole new difference in your ride quality and looks today!

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