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Through rigorous development and testing by the HKS Japan R&D team, the brand new Hipermax S model is now the new standard available for HKS Suspension sets. After having 29 years of history of HKS Suspension, the evolution of technology has allowed this new generation of the Hipermax S Model to provide advanced features in damping force, durability and appearance!

There are new improvements, including the “Advanced Rubber Bump” which was developed with the Hipermax S to pursue further softness and shorter variations to deliver a natural and smoother experience when driving. Not only has the Dual Pre-load Valve System been refined to reduce high speed damping while keeping unnecessary movement to a minimum, the Rubber Upper Mount has also been strengthened to absorb small body vibrations whilst tightening up the mount. These upgrades have caused a perfect balance of comfort and performance.

“Kodawari” is a term in Japanese Language that describes obsession for perfection and attention to details in devotion to make the best product for you! The HKS Hipermax S comes with an aluminum top mount that is chamfered by machining to enhance the beauty of the product and the laser etching of “HKS Hipermax” has been further enhanced to deliver detail and quality.

At Garage R, we are proud to be the exclusive distributors of HKS and we are excited to help you elevate your driving performance with the all new Hipermax S!

Contact us today to get yours today!

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